Most Dangerous, Hilarious And Bizarre Things Our Ancestors Thought Normal

If you believe people in this age are weird and do the most unimaginable things, then you need to catch a glimpse of the past. Trust us; your mind will be completely blown away. We'd be taking a stroll down memory lane to find just how normal our ancestors thought they were, and how they engaged in the most unimaginable things. Brace yourself as you are about to read 20+ of the most dangerous, hilarious, and bizarre stuff done in the past. 

23. Cocaine's Endorsed Pharmaceutical Use

Cocaine, which can also be referred to as coke, is a powerful stimulant mostly. It is used chiefly as a recreational drug. It is often snorted, inhaled through the nose, and injected into a vein. The many side effects of cocaine use include extreme feelings of happiness, increase in heart rate, enlarged pupils, and a loss of touch with reality. Results of the drug can start within five and ninety minutes. In the past, medical practitioners discovered medical uses of cocaine as opposed to its severe side effects.

© KiloByte/Wikipedia Commons

© KiloByte/Wikipedia Commons

About 100 years ago, cocaine was not regarded as a harmful or illegal substance. Instead, it was openly sold in pharmaceutical stores, and even without prescription from doctors. It was used to treat coughs, toothaches, and used during surgery to numb pain and reduce bleeding. Do you know what's worse? It even endorsed as a sedative for kids! We are glad this is no longer the case, as we all know the severe effect of cocaine and its use.

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