40+ Photos That North Korea Doesn't Want You To See

When you think of North Korea, what's the first thing that you think of? Probably their leader Kim Jong-un, right? You probably already know that in North Korea, privacy is very strict, and there are many bans and restrictions in place, explaining why many people in the country have no idea what's going on outside their borders. Under the Supreme Leader's dictatorship, it has become extremely difficult and risky for Western tourists to take photos of the impoverished country. However, there were some interesting photos that managed to go undetected by authorities. Let's take a look.

Spending A Fortune On Armed Forces

Image Credits: 247Mirror

Image Credits: 247Mirror

It's hard to get an exact figure of the amount spent on armed forces due to various restrictions on media, but it's believed to be very high. No wonder people think North Korea has laser and missiles that are banned in other countries. The country has an impressive cyber warfare unit, which shows that Kim Jong-Un spends a significant portion of the country's budget on armed forces. Also, the military service is mandatory for every North Korean over the age of 18, including women.

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