This Bride Found Out Her Partner Was Cheating, So She Got Revenge At The Altar

Have you ever felt so committed to someone to the point where you think the person is spotless, immaculate? You almost cannot see anything terrible in what people say about him/her. It is almost as if you are blinded to their flaws even when the signs are ominous. Well, what you are about to read is one story that is becoming a widespread occurrence these days. Also, it is a sad one, but yeah, it still happens. We would love you to read up and pick up one or two lessons.

Happier Never After?

It took a pronounced six years of dating before Alex and Susan decided they had to make it a lifetime thing. So when Alex proposed to Susan, she didn’t even have to process it. An emphasized “YES” was all that came from her mouth. After a proposal is accepted, what happens next is the planning for the big day. The marriage was what they had been waiting for, and they couldn’t wait to finally say “I do” to each other at the altar. The idea to keep things traditional was one thing they had discussed before. Close to the day, things began to unfold, and it never remained the same.

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