Celebrity Kids You Didn't Know About Before

Despite how many people want fame and money, it has its drawbacks. It cannot be easy to have a celebrity parent, although there might be all kinds of benefits and open doors. Growing up is hard already, and it’s probably worse when you’re exposed to so much that normal children cannot imagine. That’s why many kids of stars end up with depression or indulge in drugs. Therefore, let’s find out what the offspring of our favorite Hollywood celebrities are up to and how they are doing.


Almost every ‘Harry Potter’ fan knows the story of how J.K Rowling raised her daughter as a single mother after divorcing Jorge Arantes. Jessica was just 5 months old at the time, and the author really struggled for a long time before her books were finally published when her daughter was 4 years old. It must have been magical to grow up with a mom that could write such an incredible story.

Image credits: Refinance Gold

Image credits: Refinance Gold

However, Jessica is making a name for herself in the world as she is a makeup model and entrepreneur. She started her own cosmetics and clothing line already, being just 25 years old. Sadly, Jessica and her mother have not been seen much together in public, but they have a great relationship.

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