The Mystery Behind A Large Container On A Front Lawn

There are seven known wonders of the world, and I dare say that this yard event could be in line to inherit the 8th wonder status. Living in a country like America comes with specific desires like owning a comfortable home, having the best kids, and having a smile on your face whenever your kids play in the backyard. However, what you cannot count on is how the neighbors around you will react to such an American dream. If all this is a mystery to you, then Wayne Martins, a family man could shed some light on this mystery. Let’s find out what a hole in a yard became the center of focus for neighbors around. 

The Big Surprise

Digging a hole this large in your yard could only stand out to anyone as a plan for a swimming pool that will be beneficial to kids, and make in-house parties more fun. However, Wayne had another reason for digging a large hole in his yard, and his neighbors did not have it.

Instead of a swimming pool, he decided to launch a 20-foot shipping container into the hole. People around were likely astonished as well as uncomfortable that a shipping container was sitting in the front lawn of a member of the area, but Wayne could care less. This brought up different questions as to how and why he decided to be creepy, and rest assured, there are answers to these questions.

The Process

No one wakes up in the morning and decides that he or she wants to choose a large shipping container in place of a swimming pool for the kids, so there has to be a process to it. Before the thought of digging the hole in his front yard came into play, Wayne made sure that he had settled the shipment container and any cost that came with it.

It is not impossible that Wayne was able to get one the way he did; the only question on his neighbors’ minds was why he needed something large enough to be a house? Aside from buying an incredibly enormous shipping container, Wayne made sure that he spent less on and stayed on a budget the whole time. This can only mean that he knew what his plans were all along, and took it a step at a time.

Sealed Shut

Usually, when someone gets their hands on a container that size, they would put it into use immediately, and not seal it shut, but that was precisely what Wayne did. The first thing Wayne did after completing the payment for the container, was to seal it, to make sure nothing went in or out.

This means that he made sure that no part of the container had any leak, and not even a tiny mouse could get access into it. The only entrance to the container was a one-way entry that had its swing inward. Unlike most doors these days, the swings come outside for people to have access. This is one mystery that a lot of people would like to solve, but the process cannot be rushed.

Wise Man

Wayne’s plan to make his neighbors confused about what he was doing would have been compromised, had he not taken note of a potential mistake he would have made while digging through his yard. To dig a hole that big comes with its complications and one of them is that at the end of the day, the hole could end up being too small.

To show that he was a smart man the whole time, Wayne made sure that the hole he dug was two feet deeper than the exact height of the container. Not only that, he made sure that there were enough spaces on each side where the container would be placed. He also made sure that there was enough space around where the entrance door of the container would swing open. All this was planned by him to avoid future problems after he bought the container.

Pea Gravel

To make sure that the container was balanced inside the hole, Wayne made sure that he lined each side of the hole with pea gravel. This gravel has a soft effect for the container to stay on and stay balanced. To anyone who watches closely, it is safe to say that Wayne had all his plans lined out like an FBI agent looking to close a significant deal.

He knew exactly what to do with the container to make sure that it was safe and had the right entrance. He also knew how to make sure that the container was balanced properly inside the hole to keep it from crashing at the slightest turbulence. More importantly, he had a plan all along and made sure that he was focused on every detail.

Expertise Needed

In any complicated situation similar to Wayne bringing a mysterious container to his front yard, an expert is needed. Although the bulk of the work was done by Wayne because he had to come up with a good plan, get the resources, and manage cost, he still needed the help of an expert.

Instead of rounding up hefty friends to carry the container and carefully place it into the hole, Wayne decided to rent the services of a septic tank company. This company makes use of this machinery that carries heavy tanks from one place to another, so the weight of a container was ideal. The machine carefully lowered the container into the hole with precision, and that was good enough for Wayne.

The Perfect Fit

Making sure that the hole was the exact length and depth had to take a lot of planning and focus from Wayne, and this he did well. There are so many reasons why you should never go with the exact measurement when it comes to digging holes, and Wayne knew about this. Sometimes, the calculations may become off, thereby putting all the hard work into futile.

Wayne knew this, so he made sure that there were spaces on each side of the hole, different from his exact measurement, and guess what; it was the perfect fit. Now, part of the project that is still unknown is completed, and Wayne can move on to other aspects of his plan. Hopefully, this will give us insight into what he had planned all along.

Sump Room Equipment

A sump room is known as equipment that aids the free flow of water out of a container, and it a term known only to plumbers. Putting this kind of material in the container was the right call to make because the container is 20 feet into the ground, and can start a water disaster.

This equipment, known as a sump room, is used to make sure that the container stays above the waterline. This is the best call because no one wants his or her container to be flooded with water, and develop a faulty foundation. However, it is still unsure what Wayne plans to use the container for, and how he wants to use it, so that still remains an unsolved mystery.

Is This the Great Step Of China?

At this point, there are a lot of conclusions that anyone can come to as to what Wayne wants to achieve with that giant container. The first was an enormous bunker, then a significant hold in the front lawn, precise measurement, a sump room, and now, stairs leading to the container.

What exactly is Wayne trying to build, and if it has a name, what is he hoping to use it for? These questions have no answers yet, but hopefully, we will find out soon. A stair is an ideal entrance for an underground project, and it also added class and beauty to the bomb that Wayne is cooking up on his front lawn. Now that we have the stairs out of the way, maybe Wayne will let us in on his full plan soon.

A Support Beam is Important

A smart guy like Wayne, who successfully put a bunker into the ground had to know that support beams are essential to balance containers as large as his. Luckily for him, he installed two support beams to make sure that the stability of his container was achieved. Some people believe that a 20-foot bunker would be too heavy to shift positions at intervals, but that is not true.

Aside from ensuring the balance of the container, the beams also served a higher purpose. The beams helped maintain Wayne’s plans for the exterior of his bunker, for any future projects that he had on the chart. Since Wayne is a mastermind, what do you think he has planned again? Well, if there are other plans to know about, we’ll know them soon.

The Rooftop

A rooftop was not up for discussion because Wayne put his bunker into the ground, but as we know, the man is full of surprises. Making a roof is not the problem but the ability to make sure that it is durable enough to withstand any harsh weather. Many rooftops get destroyed after a stormy night, so for that not to happen to the bunker, Wayne had to be extra careful with the roof.

Putting the pieces together, it is still unclear what Wayne is planning to erupt in his front yard, but it is safe to say that he was dedicated to it even at this point. The best thing about the bunker is that it did not affect the rest of the house, and that is a success story if I ever heard of one. The only success we have not had so far is ascertaining what the bunker is for.

Have You Heard of the Underground Roof?

Wayne is no doubt a genius because he made a single hole into a beauty, and one with an underground rooftop at that. When you first hear it, it is difficult to process how a roof can be underground, but Wayne made that happen, and that is authentic work. How did he do this? Well, to make sure that the roof was solid enough, Wayne placed massive sheets of metal across the bunker that can carry anyone or anything weighty.

Laying a roof down is not an easy task, and taking note of potential harms is very important. The exterior part of the container was slowly coming into shape, but we still don’t know what will happen inside the bunker. Guess we will have to find out soon enough.

The Mysterious Staircase

We talked about how Wayne developed a beautiful staircase as a path through which he could go into the container, but it seems like that was not the plan all along. After he had finished setting up the roof, and succeeded in making it secure, he developed a more massive entranceway to the underground bunker. The entrance began from a path on the rooftop and made sure that rebar was in place to keep everything steady.

This part of his mysterious project was not visible this whole time, and this only made the work that he has put together more exciting to talk about. An entranceway through the rooftop is a brilliant idea, and Wayne has shown that he is enlightened enough. At this point, his neighbors, no doubt, had their jaws dropped at the sight of this project. 

Piling on the Concrete Blocks

With every work Wayne performed on the bunker, he made sure that he took safety measures always. Building a large project like that had to have involved many sharp and dangerous tools. Aside from making sure that the bunker was safe and stable enough, he also made sure that the ground on which it stood on was completely secure.

Following the measure, care, and dedication that Wayne put into this work, it is evident that he wanted to make every inch of the bunker last for a very long time. Not only was it built to last, but it also succeeded in remaining guesswork for so many people who continued to wonder what Wayne was really up to. If he is a time bomb waiting to explode, we will know soon. 

Air Vents

Placing sump pumps in the ground to make sure that the water from the bunker flowed outside smoothly was a great idea, but a better plan was formed in the process. Wayne made sure that there were air vents in the front and back of the bunker. This is important because these vents made sure that fresh air flowed in and out of the underground shelter.

Naturally, when the ground is dug, and something is placed in it, it is difficult for air to reach that far underground, but the air vents made sure that this happened. This means that anyone who is spending a lot of time in the bunker will not choke, and will breathe in the air like someone outside the shelter. The vents that Wayne installed in the container were about 12 inches long.

Concrete Time

If you thought that after the installation of the air vents, then everything was done with the bunker, you have no idea what is going on. Wayne took us by surprise when he did not take chances with the stability of the ground; therefore, he made use of concrete to harden it. He definitely did not want to take anything for granted, and the land was one of them.

He encased the bunker and the rooftop with concrete to make it hard as a rock, or harder in this case. From the photo, it is evident that Wayne did an excellent job with the concrete, and all he had to do was wait for it to dry up, so he could move to his next agenda. Also, from the picture, it is noticeable that a sizeable amount of Wayne’s front lawn has been turned into a mystery zone.

The Six Inches of Separation

Looking at the pictures of the bunker, one would think that a thin layer of concrete was placed on the roof of the container, but that is not the case. From this picture, we can see that Wayne put six inches over the top to make it very solid. It is possible that he wants to make sure that the bunker is very safe, and is not easily broken into by anyone or natural disasters.

It would be devastating to hear that after all this work has been done on the bunker, light wind or storm will bring everything crumbling. For this not to happen, Wayne made sure that he took every piece of work seriously, and did not take anything for granted. What he is still up to with the bunker remains a mystery, but it won’t stay that way forever.

More Block on the Blocks

It seems like the concrete on the bunker was not convincing enough for Wayne, so when the concrete had dried, he went ahead to set up cinder blocks around the rebar which is close to the entrance of the bunker. Without a doubt, he wanted the entrance to the shelter to look magnificent and beautiful, but he also wanted it to be secure.

The access to the container is the only part that will deal with elements, so it is essential that he makes it as safe as possible. To Wayne, enough protection is never enough, but we still have no idea what he intends to do inside the bunker. If he was hiding top government secrets in the container, that could only be the explanation as to why he needed this amount of security in his bunker. However, we will get to find out soon enough.

The Beams Had to Go

From the beginning of this project, Wayne has made sure that he placed his support systems for the bunker where they needed to be, and one of them is the beams. For projects like this, it is usually preferable not to take shortcuts when it comes to protection and support, and that is what Wayne did. When the concrete dried finally, it was clear that the bunker was stable enough to stand on its own; hence, its support system was no longer needed.

Wayne took out the beams that were holding the rooftop in balance, and the cinder blocks replaced it as a support to the rooftop. To show that Wayne had done an excellent job, the roof was not shaky, neither was there an imbalance around the bunker. It is safe to say that Wayne built the perfect shelter, but that is not all as there are still some mysteries to uncover. 


After building such a beautiful bunker underground, it will be unheard of if Wayne decided to leave the outer space covered with dirt. He went ahead to fill out space with good soil until it covered the surrounding of the entrance. This is excellent work because if he decided to embark on another project that involved planting a garden in his year, he would be able to do this without issues.

From the photo, the underground bunker that Wayne had built is not visible as no one will be expecting something like that on his lawn, but that is the most exciting part of it all. No one will walk into the yard and hope to find a secret bunker, as that will be mind-blowing. 

Who Saw This Coming?

How Wayne constricted the exterior part of his bunker showed that something big was going to happen, but who knew it involved this? In the container, there was a cellar filled with different brands of wine, and it started to make some sense. Some types of wine need to be stored in a cool place underground, but is that all the security was for?

The relaxed atmosphere underground seemed to be a form of preservative for the wines to keep them fresh always. It is also said that these wines in the cellar are capable of remaining fresh for years to come. But could wine be the only reason Wayne went through all that trouble with the bunker? Finding what his aim was is the only way to explain the extra measures he took to make sure the container was safe. 

The Storage Area

It is now clear that Wayne is turning this underground fortress into a storage room for wine because he provided enough space in the bunker. He could have plans to fill each pace with bottles of wine or food items that can last long under that temperature. Whatever the case, Wayne was prepared for the worst, and the bunker was going to be more than a storage place, it was going to serve as a haven for him.

For example, when a natural disaster occurs, Wayne would go to his secret bunker with his family for protection.  The shelter was built to withstand pressure, especially from rain or wind, so the container was a safe place to be if something like that ever happened. Also, the best part of this bunker is that it is still in his yard, so he does not have to go a mile before he accesses it.

How Did This Happen?

Anyone who sees the container that Wayne placed underground and stored wine bottles would likely ask how it all happened. The good news is this bunker, and the plans to make it into a storage facility is available for anyone who wants to know. The most fantastic part of Wayne secret project is that it cost little money to complete, and that is what everyone is looking for. You do not have to break the bank or take out a mortgage for you to get a running underground bunker such as Wayne’s.

To further make people excited, Wayne decided that he was not going to keep the plan for the shelter to himself as he wanted to let anyone in on how he built his underground bunker. He shared specifics of his container, and the plans he followed to make it a reality by highlighting the areas builders out to take note of. This picture has all the details you need to build an underground bunker.

The Highlight

There are some things you need to know before you start building an underground bunker, and Wayne was more than happy to let out a few tips to achieve this. One main suggestion that Wayne gave to builders was that they could make use of handrails on the stairs leading to the secret bunker to tighten the security.

This is important because sometimes in cold weather, the stairs could become very cold and slippery, thereby causing minor or major accidents to users. Also, he suggested that an overhand be built over the entrance of the bunker to keep water out at all times. These tips prove to be important because, without them, Wayne would not have been able to build a durable storage bunker.

There Were Other Underground Bunkers

When the cold war started, the federal government advised resident owners to build basements and bunkers in the backyard and keep it hidden from sight. They also insisted that enough concrete be put around the roof areas to make sure that it is strong enough. However, in the 1960s, the bunkers were not substantial as builders did not make use of solid materials, so these bunkers could not stand the test of time.

Nevertheless, as time went on, different ideas on how to build a solid basement or shelter came up, and different builders adopted the ideas. In modern days, people have been exposed to more information and resources to make sure that their underground bunkers are excellent. Wayne is one of the recipients of this knowledge, and he got to work on his container immediately, which is a huge success today.

The Bunker Business is Booming

Nowadays, building hidden bunkers in people’s homes are the order of the day as people are engaging in this business every day, and building companies are exposed to these contracts monthly. In 2017, building companies made a lot of profit from putting bunkers in people’s homes, and this increased as the years went by.

American citizens who owned properties decided to make preparations for unforeseen situations like war, so they sought the services of building companies to build secret bunkers in their homes. A prominent bunker builder known as Clyde Scott disclosed that his business boomed between 2016 and 2017, as more homeowners wanted containers in their homes. He also said that his sales tripled within the year, and he earned over $10 million within a year.

What Was the Cost of Wayne’s Bunker?

The main point to note about Wayne’s secret bunker is that it did not cost him a fortune to build it. However, the details of how much it cost him to make the shelter is also essential. Wayne mentioned that the total cost of his bunker was around $12,500, which is a fantastic amount for accommodation as big as that. He also disclosed that most of the work done on the bunker was carried out by him, and he had a personal contractor that was always available for him.

This may have helped to speed things up for him, but he was also determined to see the bunker finished, so he put in his time and energy. Some of the work he carried out on the container was digging the hole and filling it with soil. This took a lot of time, but he was able to be a part of his bunker building, and that is important.

The Upper Middle Class

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Utah Shelter Systems, Paul Seyfried, he talked about how much his bunker business improved over the years as he had customers all over the country. However, the bulk of his work took place in New York, California, and Texas, as more residents in these places needed bunkers in their homes.

He mentioned Fox13 that the charges for these secret bunkers varied from $50,000 to $100,000 depending on the size of the container. Also, most of his customers only built their shelters for family use. According to this photo, this secret bunker has fantastic designs, and it looks like the shape of the container is round. People can comfortably live in this bunker, as long as they did not lack the amenities to stay in it.

Secret Bunkers in South Dakota

There are several bunkers all over the world that people want to sell, but one of the oldest shelters that days back to the 60s, can be found in South Dakota. The accommodation was used by the Vivos xPoint, which is an army base and has been empty since 1967. The government of South Dakota, however, have plans in place to put this bunker into good use, and that is by selling it to any citizen.

Just like this bunker, there are over 574 other bunkers that have been abandoned in the area, and the government is looking to sell them to potential buyers. The containers are all located around the Wyoming border, and plans are in place to build more shelters. The lease price for these bunkers is recorded at $25,000, and the occupant is allowed to stay for 99 years with an agreed fee of $1,000 annually. The containers are measured at 2,120 square feet, but it has no electricity or air filtration system.

Buy The Best Bunkers Today

When it comes to bunkers, there are several options to choose from, and you must make sure that you get the one that suits your taste more. The Atlas Survival Shelters based in California announced that they sold about 30 bunkers in a day after President Donald Trump resumed office. It shows that the interests in containers have grown over the years, and the market is getting larger.

The bunkers found around California are designed to look like a home, and this is the more reason why people want it. So if you're going to get a shelter that has the feeling of a home, you should have a discussion with the Atlas Survival Shelters. It is essential to buy or build a bunker that you are comfortable with, to increase productivity.

Sometimes, mysteries are important to achieve a greater height, and Wayne has shown us that taking things one step at a time can unravel a big mystery that has kept people around you wondering for so long. Reasons for buildings bunkers are numerous, but whenever you decide to take that bold step, make sure that you are aiming for the best. Learn something from Wayne Martins today.

Source: TrendChaser

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