These Old Household Items Could Be Worth A Fortune Today

Is your house a massive treasure trove, without you even knowing it? Well, it's likely that many of the old items lying around that you consider rubbish could be worth some serious money. Read on to find out which items are worth the most, and you may just be in for a big payday. You would be surprised at some of the valuable items! You can thank us later.

Game Boys

Image Credits: Icepop

Image Credits: Icepop

Maybe those little games that kids all over the world begged their parents to buy them turned out to be useful after all! The little handheld console was first released in 1989, and it quickly became every kid's dream toy. Its influence still continues today. As it is difficult to find these consoles at a gaming store, their resale value has grown considerably, and one of them today sells for around $750 to $2,000. On the 18th of August 2019, a brand new Game Boy went for over $4,000 on eBay. We bet that all those 90's kids are now saying "I told you so!" to their parents.

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