Funniest Tinder Conversations That Prove Some People Are Not Good At Dating

The world of dating changed completely when applications were released. Suddenly, it was incredibly easy to get in touch with people near you and building a whole new relationship through your smartphone. While it might be dangerous sometimes, there are many Tinder users who have started great friendships and relationships through the app. There are a few people who are better at relating to others through messages than face-to-face exchanges. So, this is a great option. However, the use of pickup lines and cheesy puns is still current, and these followings threads are the ultimate proof. Let’s discover some of the silliest conversation starters and even learn what not to write.


Image credits: Cheezburger

Image credits: Cheezburger

Unfortunately, not every conversation you have on Tinder will lead to a great friendship or romantic relationship. Some people are only on the app for one thing, and it has nothing to do with something serious. Meanwhile, the application recently released an update that allows people to create an account using just their phone numbers. Originally, people needed to have a Facebook account to get on it, and it might have led to some invasion of privacy. Therefore, users who were not so keen on having their profile displayed on a public app can happily register now that there might be less chance that strangers will find your Facebook. Tinder was launched in 2012 through the startup company Hatch Labs along with IAC and Xtreme Labs. By 2014, the app had one billion “swipes” each day.

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