Weird Fashion Trends From The Past

Fashion is a way to express how one feels. It is common practice to wear a dress that defines how you think you should be addressed. But what is worrying is when fashion becomes what you can not understand because you want to look like people of the upper class in society. This idea of fashion was the practice of people in the past, trying maybe too hard to make a statement that they put the members of their bodies at risk. Some of what they wore killed them because either it was too tight-fitting or too chemically induced. Perhaps it was also limiting the passage of air into the lungs. In this article, we would be considering some of these fashion trends and their influence on people. Also, we would see how it looked utterly ridiculous and life-threatening but were still taken as making a statement.  

Paper Dress

There is no other way to describe flash fashion than the paper dress. The rush for a change in style has been from time immemorial, and it is still what applies today. Everybody wants to make a statement. The paper dress was one of those fashion statements that didn't see the light of the day in the 1960s, even though it started with brilliant patronage.

Image Credits: StyleSixties

Image Credits: StyleSixties

It is simple why! The dress is paper, all it needs is to apply a little force, and there you have it, you are back to being naked. The paper dress was made in such a way that it looked attractive with beautiful geometrical patterns drawn all over it. The suit was en vogue, and it drew attention all over. The negative though is that, you can only wear it for a day at most — bizarre stuff.

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