Wedding Dresses You Won’t Believe People Wore

Wedding season is often round the year, and many things are fascinating about weddings. Whether you are the one getting married or not, there’s always one thing to look forward to, and that’s the dresses. The marriage plan often involves checking social media and magazines for the best suits that will color one’s memorable day. We see ads pop up on social media and pictures of friends who post their outstanding couture gown. All these are good build-ups in choosing a perfect wedding dress. But while we see beautiful wedding dresses everywhere, sometimes, some wedding dresses don’t just meet our expectations. Yes, some are even outrageous and hilarious if not ugly. We have done well to compile a list of some of the ugliest wedding dresses of all time.  You would almost ask what on earth the bride was thinking to display such dress on her memorable day. Let’s start. 

The Digital Era

Image Credits: Cosmopolitan

Image Credits: Cosmopolitan

Who would believe this bride walked down the runway? We are not sure if those are a bunch of white computer mouses attached to her dress or bars of soap. Either way, this dress needs a makeover; because it may not even pass for a simple fashion show. But if this bride were to be a computer geek or some model advertising a bar soap, maybe we could pass the dress for the occasion.

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