50 Celebrities Who Changed Their Lives With Amazing Transformations

Being in the public eye can be extremely stressful, so celebrities often struggle with their image and go through crazy transformations. From pilates to yoga, to gastric surgery, there are many different ways to lose weight. Celebrities often enlist the help of the best personal trainers they can find, and some of them go through crazy transformations! Here, we have listed the most impressive ones.

Anna Gunn - Pilates

Image Credits: GoldenGlimpse

Image Credits: GoldenGlimpse

Following her famous role as the wife of teacher-turned-druglord Walter White in the gripping TV show Breaking Bad, Anna Gunn got vicious attacks from angry fans of the show. During the final season of the show, she clearly gained weight, and this led to nasty comments on social media. The actress later explained that she had gained weight due to medication she was taking, and not due to overeating or an unbalanced diet. Gunn is still an actress, and she recently appeared in a movie called Deadwood: The movie. 

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