What's Going On With Sandra Bullock and Her Family

Even though many people seem to love Sandra Bullock, only a few of her fans genuinely know much about the multiple award-winning actresses. Understandably, many do not know some secrets about Sandra because she has managed to keep her private life private over the years. Her husband’s infidelity stories and news surrounding her two children are also kept off the public. Sandra gained a huge fan base by featuring in A-rated movies like The Blind Side, Speed, and Miss Congeniality. After taking a break from Hollywood, Sandra is now back, and she’s cool, revealing some secrets about herself to fans.

She Grew In Germany

Image Credits: trend-chaser.com/ Pinterest

Image Credits: trend-chaser.com/ Pinterest

Sandra was born on July 26, 1964, in Arlington, Virginia. Her father, John.W. Bullock, was a voice coach and an Army retiree, although, the voice coaching wasn't a full-time job for him. Sandra's mother, Helga Mathilde, was an opera singer. She and her parents traveled around Europe together. Sandra grew up in two countries; Germany and Austria, and she learned how to speak German at a tender age. As a young girl, her dream was to become an actress. However, she studied dance and music at Waldorf school of music, a school found in Nuremberg.

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