40+ Absurd Things That Were Used in the Past

Nowadays, new products that facilitate our lives are released all the time. It is easy to research them, read reviews, and compare them with competing products. But back in the day, that wasn't possible. Also, as you will see, in the past, not all products facilitated our lives! We have gathered all the weirdest and craziest inventions from the past, and some will have you wondering what the inventor was thinking when they thought of such an offbeat idea. Let's get right to it!

Beauty Contest in Cliftonville, 1936

Image Credits: Brightside.me

Image Credits: Brightside.me

This photo depicts a beauty contest that took place in Cliftonville, Mississippi in 1936 called the Miss Lovely Eyes Pageant. Surprisingly, the models have their faces covered with a funny-looking hat. Apparently, in this specific section of the competition, women's eyes are at the forefront, so their faces are covered in order for the umpires not to be biased and judge fairly. In the 1930s, this was quite common, whether it was to judge the women's' eyes, knees, or other body parts.

However, when you look at this photo with no context, it is so intriguing and creepy! In other cases, women covered their faces with bandanas, pieces of paper that they held up, or ski-mask like contraptions. However, the majority of these pageants used these scary-looking masks that belong in a horror movie rather than a beauty pageant. Just imagine a gang of people all wearing these masks chasing you in the middle of the night!

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