Becca Longo Could Be The NFL’s First Female Football Player

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Becca Longo set to smash records in pieces as she prepares herself to be the first NFL’s female football player. Becca feels the weight of history riding on her shoulders, and she’s fully equipped on her quest to make college football history. Not only is Longo preparing to be a skilled kicker, but she’s also making plans to change the game of football. Many, especially her fans, think that Longo Becca is a real like wonder woman, considering her passion for what people deemed the sport for men.

Image Credits:  @beccalongo5/Instagram

Image Credits: @beccalongo5/Instagram

What could be Becca’s set back? No, she’s not fighting fictitious villains. She’s only fighting discrimination and people telling her she can’t leave her dream. Let’s take a look at Becca’s story and see how close she is to becoming the first female NFL player. 

Kicking For The Grizzlies

Alamosa is the home of Adams university, a second-tier university located in a small town about four hours from Denver. With a population of 10,000, you may say it is a small town when compared to other surrounding cities. Adams University isn't mainly known for its athletics, but one person dominant is Becca Longo, a young lady who plays football for the Grizzlies.

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Before we talk about Adam state, the school that shot Becca to the limelight, we must tour the small town Becca grew up in. Becca grew in the small town of Arizona, a city renowned for its heat. It makes sense how Becca can adapt to the rigors associated with the sport, to attain this height she's reached.

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