About AmoMedia

Who We Are

Our team boasts thirteen content creators from seven countries across the globe! They are located in Canada, India, Spain, South Africa, Philippines, Panama, and Hong-Kong, offering you an original and exciting perspective. Six content researchers are responsible for finding cutting edge information that engages our readership with page-turning topics. This innovative collaboration is completed by an energetic Content Manager and an optimistic Managing Editor that provide empowering leadership.

Our Goal

Welcome to AmoMedia where we are powered by a collaboration of creative minds from around the world. Whether you’re enjoying your vacation or trying to get some rest in the middle of your busy workday, our content is designed to give you the best entertaining break. With us, you are only a click away from blissful entertainment, relaxation, and fun!

Our Values

Our amazing team is guided by five principles that provide our readers with the best online experience. By integrating these standards in every step of our content creation process, we produce high-quality work that you can trust.

Accuracy: we emphasize the importance of reliable and relevant information that is suitable for our readers. By paying attention to the finer details, our content is both accurate and enjoyable.
Fact-checking takes place for each of our inventive articles. The validity of information is double-checked and delivered without error or fake news. We work until every sentence is portrayed in a reputable manner.
Originality is prioritized as every sphere of our team brings unique ideas to the work table. We aim to cultivate an authentic voice that is easily recognized by our readers.
Research: we explore various avenues to find relevant topics for our readership. We seek content that evokes positive emotions and allows our audience to relax with a smile on their face.
Creativity is the golden thread that runs through our content. It is an essential tool used by our creators, researchers, and managers as we curate articles of excellent quality.


As a company, we aspire to provide balanced, transparent, and accurate information across all of our platforms. We follow stringent guidelines to ensure we create high-quality entertainment content.

We respect the intellectual property of others, and we ask our users to do the same. The Company adheres to the laws set out by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

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